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The Whole-Brain Relationships online course - Join us!

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The Human Infusion Project is about people coming together to break unwanted thought and behavior patterns by learning the practical neuroscience and applied psychology behind self-regulation and personal growth. I'm an online educator and public speaker trying to share practical information and understanding about the brain and our bodies - information that I wish I had earlier in my life, and have used in my own recovery

A little background

I was a healthcare worker for 22 years who eventually had to go through burnout and near marriage implosion before I buckled down to do what I need to do self-regulate my stress response system. And for me, a real surge in commitment to change came from learning the neuroscience and applied psychology behind personal growth, emotional self-regulation and brain change work. It provided the needed differentiation and detachment from the personalization of my thought patterns and emotional experience. It is only from this more objective state that we can effectively ask ourselves questions and more efficiently effect change. So this is what I hope to share with others.

Although everyone talks about the need to increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and become self-regulated, it's description has evolved over the years, and few describe what it actually takes at a brain pathway level to do it - AND in language that the average person can understand. Therapists and coaches can sometimes be vague. And scientists can be overly academic in their language. That’s where I come in. I've been told throughout my life that I have knack for making complex things, easier to understand. So this is why I created the Human Infusion Project - to share the functional assets of both brain science and psychology, both through live webinar presentation and recorded class. My hope is to inspire more people do the dedicated work that sustainable, brain-strengthening, integrative change requires. And to reach out to get the support they need, as they do it.

We all have a powerful tool between our ears, but so many of us are optimally using it. I hope I can encourage you through practical knowledge to continue, or begin, the work that sustainable, integrative brain and body change requires. We need you out there. But we need you reconnected to who you really are, and with a brain and body optimized to showcase it.

My presentation style uses straight-forward, non-academic, conversational language, relatable story-telling and sense-making visuals to help you understand what’s actually happening in your brain and body when you’re working on personal growth, emotional self-regulation, or trauma recovery.

For me, once I understood how my brain and body worked, I was able to take my unhelpful thoughts and emotional experience less personally. And I was more motivated to dig in and stick with, the work that sustainable and integrative change requires. So this is what I hope for you too.

The Human Infusion Project is about sharing current scientific-plus-psychological knowledge on what it takes to get your brain and body operating as it was designed to, so that you can more easily tap into your more energetic essence or who you are at heart and showcase that through your skills. I’d be honored if you allow me to me decipher the complex language of change, so you can see more clearly what it takes to make it happen, and last.

This course is for you if ...

• You’re educated and intelligent but struggle to connect in relationships with others.

• You’re sensitive and empathic but struggle to shut off your emotion

• You love what you do for a living but are close to burning out.

• You’re a clinician or helping-field professional who is looking for a new way to motivate your clients to follow through on the work of recovery and change.

• You’re an over-achiever but struggle with high-functioning anxiety

• You are open-minded, but lean towards evidence-based science to make


• You’re creative and spiritual but struggle to put it into action that serves others

• You find yourself repeating the same patterns in relationships and feel stuck.

• You want to change some aspect of your life but wonder if it’s worth the effort?

• You’re overwhelmed by growth strategy choices and don’t know where to begin.

• You feel like the same things that drive you, are the same things burning you out.

• You’re interested in psychology and brain science but get overwhelmed with all the academic talk and complex language.

• You wonder which areas of the brain we really can influence?

The Plan

My 2022-23 plan is, time zone by time zone through Meetup, to share streamlined, practical knowledge about the brain and body that I wish I had earlier in my life. These free to low-cost live webinar presentations and recorded online classes are for adults of any age who want to learn, grow, develop their emotional intelligence and improve both their work and love relationships. I can guarantee that you’ll learn something new, or in a new way, from the presentations. In response to your request, I've just finished recording the Whole-Brain Relationships course that can be accessed anytime and at any pace.

The Grant

Your participation will also contribute to a Mental Wellness Assistance Grant so that people with limited resources can continue to get the coaching, therapy or mental health assistance they’ve taken the initiative to begin. Therapy, coaching and personal growth seminars can be quite expensive. And although I consider mental health to definitely be a time investment, it bothers me when I hear some of my fellow wellness-industry entrepreneurs imply that how much a person does or doesn't spend, is a reflection of their self-value. THAT my friends, is a crock of S*"t. (pardon my 'french') That is a limiting belief and cognitive distortion (both of which you'll learn about here) that is being used to push sales. High value may come with a high price. can also come for free and at low cost. I've experienced that myself from many resources, and I plan to deliver it that way as well.

I also believe that for many people who need longer-term support, that the need for support can simply outrun available funds. It'd be nice if we could say that trauma recovery and emotional regulation work could happen in 6-12 visits, sort like going to a physical therapist after a knee surgery. But it doesn't happen that way. Every person is different. And we each recover at our own pace. So for all of those reasons, 100% of the profit from every course I create and you purchase, is contributing to this grant. That way as you heal your self, you'll know that in turn, you're helping someone else in community heal as well.

I'm still learning how to do all of this. So these first few years will be fairly straight-forward with anticipated smaller allocations of $200-$500 usd. The intent is to cover continued therapy, coaching or paid support that has been initiated by the applicant. A dedicated intent to grow and change, demonstrated by the self-initiation of therapy, a modality or coaching will be a baseline requirement. Verification of consistent effort and attendance by the applicants current practitioner will also be a criteria. Over the next few years, I will be making this grant known to various coaching and psychotherapy circles, so they can choose to participate. But feel free to share this as well. And lastly, the application will request a short, written narrative, describing monetary needs, an awareness of current state and personal goals, as well as a future vision of the life the applicant wants to create. You don't need to be future super-hero to apply for this grant. I'm simply looking to springboard some regular, everyday people trying to make a difference in the world. Sound like you? Stay tuned. Our hope is to begin taking applications for allotment in the last quarter of 2022.

What you'll learn

In the 4-part Whole-Brain Relationships online course, I’ve created a comprehensive, yet easy to absorb course that will answer the following questions, as well as many more:

• What exactly is emotional nervous system self-regulation and how do we develop it?

• What the difference between Emotions and Feelings? And do we really even need emotions?

• Why is pattern change and ‘Recovery’ so dang hard?

• How can re-centering the brain and body complement and amplify your spiritual practice?

• What is Polyvagal theory?

• What exactly are limiting beliefs and how are they created?

• How does a healthy stress / emotional response system compare to a dysregulated stress response system?

• What exactly is trauma? And how does it impact our nervous system?

• What does it mean when someone says that trauma is ‘held in the body’?

• Are we stuck with the personalities, bodies and brains that we have?

• Can we actually change the brain? And if so, which specific areas?

• What are brain waves and feedback loops? How do they contribute to addiction?

• Why do two people respond so differently to the same situation?

• What’s are the differences between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious states of the brain?

• Is mental pain and discomfort bad for us or unhealthy?

• What’s the physiological underpinnings of anxiety or apathy?

• Is there more to us than just our brains and bodies?

• What if we don’t really want to change?

The Bottom Line

The HUMAN INFUSION PROJECT is about making personal development less complicated and more affordable so that more people have the opportunity to experience calm, confident and connected relationships - a 'must-have' factor to really make impact with any goal you may have. And I've come to realize through my own work, that the key to amplifying the use our more essential core nature and living more whole, integrated lives, lies in first optimizing our brains and bodies so they can serve as creative tools and conduits for that core nature.

So let's begin… by first understanding how this 'vehicle' actually works.

Thank you in advance for your support.

I hope this foundational course... Whole-Brain Relationships- what you need to know to feel more calm, confident and connected - at work AND in love enjoyable and helpful to you in some way.

I'm in your corner,


The Human Infusion Project is a grassroots, not-for-profit personal development platform that draws from the combined fields of modern brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy. Our mission aims to augment and supplement the work of professional practitioners in simplified, practical ways, and to give clients an affordable home program they can use in between sessions. 100% of all online class profit funds the Wellness Assistance Grant. If financial constraints limit your participation, please contact me and we'll work something out.

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