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Wellness Assistance Grant recipients 

We are thrilled to announce that 4 grants have been awarded from the 2023 Wellness Assistance Fund


We had a solid number of applicants, given this was only the second year of the grant program, and the Human Infusion Project is still in early stages of reach and awareness about what we do.


All 4 recipients have shown a high level of commitment to growth and personal change, and had strong endorsement by their therapeutic practitioner. We wish them continued growth and relational success.

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Michelle - Singapore

"I'm very grateful to Jen and the Human Infusion Project for help that came in a time of need. Therapy's been the most difficult journey I've ever embarked on, as well as the most rewarding and fulfilling one, when I got to witness the results it brings. I'm getting to know myself properly for the first time, I'm learning to love myself, and I'm prioritising my inner world. It can be surprising when we realise just how much we can neglect to listen to our own voice and it is amazing how much validation we can give to ourselves once we do. Therapy is a Universal Lesson and a Gift of Life that I think we should all partake in in our lifetime. It is life-changing, and it heals our soul."
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Maddison - Shell Beach, CA

"I truly believe therapy is something everyone should try. It has helped me make sense of so much and I cannot wait to further continue my therapy journey"

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Erin - Virginia Beach, VA

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Selina - Yreka, CA

“We should ideally go to a doctor for yearly check-ups to make sure things with our physical health are functioning correctly; why is mental health any different? Sometimes mental health issues are brain chemicals, and sometimes it's difficult situations that are affecting me. Therapy helps me better understand my gut reactions to things, and how I can be a better communicator, partner, and friend. It's a kind and unbiased viewpoint to help gain perspective and better problem-solve. I am so grateful for my therapist and this assistance!” 

"Wow!!! I am thrilled to be going where I need to Be.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  I truly AM blessed!!!"


Feel free to contact me with any questions

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