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Wellness Assistance Grant winners announced! 

We are thrilled to announce that 4 grants have been awarded from the 2022 Wellness Assistance Fund


We had a surprising number of applicants, given this was our first year, and that the Human Infusion Project is still in early stages of reach and awareness about what we do.


All 4 recipients have shown a high level of commitment to growth and personal change, and had strong endorsement by their therapeutic practitioner.

We wish them continued growth and relational success.

grant recipient
Grant recipient
heart and brain
grant recipient

Marina - Atascadero, CA

Luke - Santa Rosa, CA

Katie - Fruitland, ID

Theodore - Atascadero, CA

"Therapy is not an easy road; not every session will leave you feeling free or happy. You will feel worse before you start feeling better but the results are astonishing. The journey of personal development is never ending but you become a better person, friend, partner and member of the community. Taking care of yourself allows you to be present with your loved ones and better care for them. It is never too late to take a step towards becoming the best version of yourself!"

“No matter what you struggle with, mental health is always a journey for everyone. Therapy is so invaluable to help us reach our best selves, and face the challenges that life throws at us head on. I’m unbelievably grateful for organizations such as this that make mental healthcare more attainable for people all over” 

"Having a trained professional has helped me see different perspectives" and given me the freedom  to have and maintain important boundaries that benefit me and ultimately benefit those around me... thank you so much!"


Feel free to contact me with any questions

Jen Stover - founder
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