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The Connection Depot 

Creating safer space for the human race

Come join a community that gets you Calmer, more Confident, and Connected

The Connection Depot is how you can be a part of our online community, stay on top of our latest content and live presentations, and get relational tips and strategies you can start using right away.

​These days our inboxes are overflowing as companies bombard them in an attempt to sell us stuff. Each morning I go through and have to delete or unsubscribe from businesses or people who are constantly trying to upsell me with a lot of generic, industry-taught or AI-created content. So if I don't like it, why would I subject anyone else to it? So once a month I send out an update about upcoming live classes, new blog posts and a topic for contemplation with relational strategies that I've found to be helpful in my own life. Later this year I may start sending bi-monthly emails (every 2 weeks) as I plan to spend less time on social media and more within our community, doing live presentations that will eventually include live small group support /weekly Q&A. But that's it. I'll still have our Facebook page and Youtube channel for inspiration and previously recorded education.  But I'm reserving the live presentations, upcoming support group and blog posts for the Connection Depot community. So the best way to stay on top of that is by signing up below. (Read more FAQs here)  

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