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Jen Stover - Founder of the Human Infusion Project

Hi, I'm Jen

This page describes the suggested order for taking our classes and how they fit together. Each of our individual online classes is designed as part of an Integrative Change Pathway that supports and augments the work you're doing with your practitioner or therapist. 


I feel it's most important to to the Whole-Brain Relationships class first, because the other classes reference it frequently as we talk about how the brain and body work to process change. This foundational class not only gives you some straight-forward descriptions that are easy to understand and practical to use...but by the end, I believe you'll have the objectivity that's needed to stick with it more consistently. In others words, you'll learn what to expect, you'll learn why some initial discomfort is natural, and you'll take your, old automated thinking and feeling responses a lot less personally when they try to impede your progress. 


In addition, by watching the classes in the recommended order, you'll also gain a deeper understanding of the material because each class builds from the knowledge gained in the previous class. So that's why I recommend a particular order. But feel free to watch whichever classes you can. I'm just happy you're here! The video below also sums it up fairly well.


And as a last note, all our classes are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you don't find value in our classes, don't learn anything new or are not satisfied with the content for any reason, we will readily refund your money.  Feel free to email me with any additional questions. 

money back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with any of our classes or don't learn anything useful from it's content, I will readily refund your money

an online class on a desktop, laptop and phone app

Stage 1 - Whole Brain-Relationships

- What it takes to feel more calm, confident and connected at work AND in love.

(Begin here! $27 donation to the WAG)


For the less than you'd spend on a few online books, this 5-hour, 24 video class and included e-book of highlights is your first Stage 1 class.  In it, you will learn:


Brain Function - What people get wrong about Emotional Intelligence (EQ), what self-regulation actually actually means. And which areas of the brain need strengthening to improve it.

Stress Response - What healthy stress response and trauma response look like in the body, how both can impact who we choose as partners, and how we can facilitate change.

Pattern Formation - How unwanted thought and behavior patterns are created and perpetuated by the brain, where we can interrupt them, and how to introduce new patterns that will enhance your relationships.

The Change Process - What it takes to fully access your whole brain and become more centered, confident and connected in all of you relationships. That way who you really are at heart, more effectively comes through your words and actions.

Stage 1 - How to Get your Needs met in Healthy Ways 



an online class on a desktop, laptop and phone app

Continue in Stage 1 by...


  • understanding the emotional neurochemicals that go along with your psychological needs...

  • learning which activities and actions boost them in healthy ways, and..

  • how to start breaking away from unhelpful behaviors that are destroying your health, self and relationships

an online class on a desktop, laptop and phone app

Stage 2 - What's Stopping You?

-Discover the unconscious beliefs that may be limiting your potential.

(for this class, 3 affordable donation options so you can contribute to the WAG as you can afford)


This class begins our work in Stage 2 - Discover and Prepare.

I recommend taking it after "Whole-Brain Relationships" and "How to Get your Needs met in Healthy Ways"


We're grateful to be able to offer this class with a sliding scale option of selecting how much you'd like to pay. No matter which price you choose, you'll be getting the same course as everybody else. I trust that you'll support the Human Infusion Project at whatever level you can afford. As with all of our online classes, whatever you choose will be a direct donation to the Wellness Assistance Grant. And of course, if you're not 100% satisfied, I will refund your money.

an online class on a desktop, laptop and phone app

Stage 2 - Meditation for Wiggly People



In this next Stage 2 class, I introduce a powerful tool that will be highly beneficial in later Stage 3 classes. I'm hardly a meditation expert. I just remember when I first started, meditation was so foreign to me and just seemed overly 'woo', like something only reserved for highly spiritual people. So I was initially hesitant to even ask simple questions like...

  • Does it really matter how I sit? 

  • What's up with those hand and figure positions people use? What do they mean?

  • What about yoga? Can I do that instead?

  • and do I even begin? (I had such an active body and could hardly sit still for even a few minutes!) 

So this short class is simply my effort to make meditation approachable to anyone who believes "it's not for me". I mean, you may be right. But you may also discover that you can benefit from it even if you can only do it for a few minutes when you begin.  

an online class on a desktop, laptop and phone app

Stage 2 - Core Values - What's most important in your life?



In this final stage 2 mini-class we take a look at and answer the following questions:

  • What exactly are Values and how are they different from Beliefs?

  • What's the difference between Values and Standards and how to do we utilize both in healthy ways?

  • And how do Boundaries fit into the equation? Are strict standards the same as having Boundaries?

Plus, you get a free 15-page workbook that walks you through identifying your top 3 Core Values so you can start using them in your life right away.


Stage 3 - Implementation

(coming this year in our final class of this series, and as a published book


This is where we'll take everything you've learned and discovered so far in our classes and and use it in an individualized process that will strengthen and integrate your brain, retrain your emotional response all while enhancing your relational skills along the way! To give you the most comprehensive instruction and appeal to different learning styles, I decided to put this last stage in the form of video class, as well as a published book. Stay tuned or sign up for our Connection Depot Community This is how I'll let you know when each one becomes available.

Stage 4 - Amplify and Infuse

(an invitation-only leadership group


The Modern Sage Society™ will be a group designed to refine leaderships skills that will be beneficial to the your family or community. That way you can utilize what you've learned to foster unifying and relationship-based growth and development in others.

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