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Meditation for 'Wiggly' People

A FREE class on the Mind-Body benefits of learning to BE STILL

founder of the Human Infusion Project

Presented by Jen Stover,

Neuroscience-based online educator, neurophysical rehab specialist, personal growth strategist, pattern change practitioner, founder - the Human Infusion Project

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create the life they want. But often complex academic language and the rising costs of personal development block many people from getting the basic wellness education they need to do it.


THE HUMAN INFUSION PROJECT is a value-driven educational resource that uses a functional blend of practical brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy to show you what it takes to break unwanted patterns, retrain your stress response system, strengthen your whole brain and reconnect to your core values. That way, you can create the integrated life that comprehensively reflects what it means to be YOU.

In this class we'll cover..

Research supported brain benefits

5 ways that meditation has been shown to enhance our brain strength and nervous system development

Body and Hand Positions

Are there benefits to sitting a certain way? And what about the way people hold their hands and fingers?

Yoga and Meditation

5 Simple Ways to begin today!

Is it okay to substitute yoga for meditation? Are there benefits of employing one practice over the other?

Jen goes over 5 easy practices that

develop 2 important benefits of meditation -  mental objectivity and enteroception 

Sounds like something I can use!

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