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Our featured course

Whole-Brain Relationships

Leveraging brain and body science to create calm, confidence and connection that LASTS.

Stay tuned for the next time this 9-week class (as well as other upcoming classes) are presented for FREE by joining one of our 3 current EDT time zone Meetup groups below!

OR.... you can watch the recorded video class RIGHT NOW at your own pace. 

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The Human Infusion Project is the only online education platform of its kind that's dedicated to providing the simplified, most usable aspects of modern neuroscience, applied psychology and practical spirituality. We show you what's really needed to refine and develop your emotional state in ways that promote your well-being and enhances your relationships. And we do it using everyday language and at prices that financially won't set you back.


And right now, you can check out our classes and presentations in two ways:

Join one of our current EDT time zone Meetup groups and stayed informed about when new low-cost and FREE classes are presented. This way you can ask questions and interact with other attendees afterwards 

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Lotus Chapter

(currently in Pittsburg, PA)


Sage Chapter

(currently in NYC)


Gaia Chapter

(currently in Cincinnati, OH)


Or learn on your own schedule and get lifetime access to the Whole-Brain Relationships class in our online classroom. That way you can watch them anytime and at your own pace. And 100% of the profit from your class purchase will be contributing to the Wellness Assistance Grant. So thank you in advance for supporting our mission to get more people the education and support they need to enrich their lives and relationships!

Sign up to be notified of the next live class presentation and as upcoming classes are added to our online library !

San Luis Obsipo, CA, USA 93401

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