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Degrees, certificates and classes


Bachelor of Science degree  in Physical Therapy  – University of New Mexico 

Cognitive Behavioral Theory  - Achology Academy of Modern Applied Psychology 

Leading from the Emerging Future - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Theory U/ Presencing Institute 


Life Coaching - Achology Academy of Modern Applied Psychology 

The Neurobiology of Trauma - National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine The Neurobiology of Trauma 


Neurolinguistic Programming - Achology Academy of Modern Applied Psychology 


Pathology of Perfectionism, Taming the Inner Critic-  - Institute for Brain Potential 

Somatic approach to trauma healing -  Albert Wong, PhD, JFK University


Additional sources of education
(research studies, books, medical journals, classes, podcasts, presentations)

Miscellaneous 'doings'

Marathon running, triathlon, endurance cycling, co-ed team adventure racing, mountain-climbing, flat-water kayaking, long-distance trekking and trail running, commendation medal, meritorious service - United States Air Force, Women In Motion - San Francisco philanthropic social group, Central Coast Trail Runners group and Meetup, SLO Citadel - women's personal growth group

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Women in pink shirt and white shorts looking down a cliff edge at a beach


Who I am at my Core.

I am a unique, resilient woman thriving in a modern, ever-changing, beautiful and sometimes brutal world. I've navigated through a multitude of life challenges including childhood trauma, bankruptcy, marriage breakdown and addiction. I value kindness, authenticity and believe in the power of relationships. I am growing in boldness, gaining in wisdom and seeing with more clarity, how I can more authentically contribute to the well-being of others.


In my marriage, I am a loving, patient, interdependent and supportive partner. I will forever be a student of life and relationship. I have a joyful heart. I love to laugh, and it's in nature where I find the most peace. I am imperfect, fail often and am strangely... really okay with that. I am becoming a calm, centered, beautifully bold and caring Presence that wields a deep understanding of humanity as my tool for intelligent engagement and collaboration.

My name's Jen. And it's nice to meet you.

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