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Hi there!

I'm Jen Stover 

And WELCOME to the Human Infusion Project.


Let's be honest - therapy and coaching can be a bit pricey these days.  And for many who don't have good insurance coverage, that can be a barrier to getting the regular  guidance and support they need. Mental health support once or twice a month IS helpful. But what about the other 28 days of the month? Lasting brain and body-based change and growth requires daily work, especially in the first 4-6 months.


And taking a larger-scale perspective for a moment, if we really want to work towards sustainable change in any sector, then mental wellness education and therapeutic support can't only be for who can afford to pay high prices.  If we want to see real change on a larger scale, then we need more people learning the basics of how to become more emotionally-centered, flexible thinkers and compassionate action-takers. And one of the ways we can do that, is by sharing resources , tools and strategies on how to do that, in ways that are affordable and that more people can access. So that's why The Human Infusion Project was born - to act as  a complementary resource for therapy, coaching and professional mental wellness support, so people from a wider range of income levels have access to educational resources and material that will augment their therapeutic sessions. That way we have more people  learning how to experience healthy relationships, and then taking that relational learning out to their community. 


I'm not a scientist, therapist or practice as a coach. A student once called me a personal growth 'strategist'. Okay, I'll go with that. But mostly, I aim to share both my academic knowledge and experiential insights and to be a mentor - living by example from everything I share or ask you to consider. My personal mission is use my skills, education and everything I've studied, self-applied and found helpful in the last 27 years... to guide people from a wider range of resource levels to strengthen, moderate and refine their brain and emotional nervous system. That way more of us can experience the benefits of calm, confidence and connection in our lives and relationships.

Through simplified, high-value, low-cost short courses and presentations, I'm giving more people access to essential information about how their brains and bodies work, as well as what each of us can do to get them working in our favor.



I've been interested in how humans interact, from both a scientific and psychological perspective, for most of my life. Thanks to my mother, I grew up with a love of people, and a growing interest in science and nature. I was raised on Christian principles but grew distant in my practice as dogma became polarizing and non-inclusive. I also grew up in a household of alcohol addiction and codependency. So at the age of twenty-two, I began my initial deep dive into self-discovery. Over the next thirty years, I simultaneously continued to pursue my love of science.

I initially gravitated towards physical science and healthcare. And so completed my advanced degree in Physical Therapy and spent the next twenty years specializing in neuromuscular physiology - studying and applying knowledge of how the brain operates the physical body, to clients suffering from stroke, spinal cord or back injury.  So pivoting to the field of neurophysiology - or how our brains function emotionally to influence of our behavior - made a lot of sense to me.

I also value servant leadership and so enjoyed my practice for many years, guiding clients towards self-empowerment by gaining physical control over their bodies and lives.  And over time, I became an expert in my field. But becoming a healthcare expert wasn't fulfilling to me.  I found myself losing motivation, chronically tired and not having much left for my personal life or marriage. ​So, after twenty-two years of practice, I stepped away from the medical field - a result of slowly accumulating burnout, and the adrenal fatigue that comes with unexamined emotional patterns that were still lurking in the corners of my mind.  


I spent the next five years, doing intensive personal growth work, learning the brain science and physiology behind burnout and emotional resilience, recovering and reshaping myself from the inside, out. And I have worked with some excellent therapists along the way. But I wanted to accelerate my growth, do more and go beyond what I gained in my one-hour, bi-weekly sessions. Fortunately, due to rapid technical advances, the field of neuroscience had also been seeing rapid growth. Scientists now have the ability to see and monitor how the brain operates thought, emotions and their effect on human behavior. The language of 'Possibility' had now become 'Science'. I was fascinated and began to systematically study everything I could in modern brain science, applied psychology, 12-step work, the physiology of emotional trauma, modern leadership, emotional intelligence and even Buddhism. 

I was surprised to find parallels between seemingly unrelated topics. And once I understood how my brain-body actually worked, I immediately started putting together a plan to make some comprehensive and integrative changes. I wasn't looking for a complete overhaul - I've got some good stuff up there in the ole' bean.  I simply wanted to feel calmer more often,  improve the quality of my marriage and reconnect to who I was at heart. I started with the human body because that's what we humans know the most about right now, and what I had the most experience with. 


But as I began sifting through all the scientific research and psychological theory associated with personal development, I found much of its description to be overly academic, often too technical, impractical and hard to understand. I also found that although there were many approaches to personal development in the separate fields of applied psychology, practical neuroscience and spiritual philosophy, there was nothing that synthesized the strengths and commonalities that all three of these areas contribute to the human experience. So I returned to self-discovery work, isolated out what was no longer serving my current life and went to work refining and differentiating my emotional response and strengthening relational brain areas that had weakened through my coping strategies. But this time, I used combined, comprehensive strategies that I learned from the study of science, psychology AND spiritual philosophy. 




Throughout my work, I've also discovered that the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is often deeply misunderstood.  EQ is often described as the ability to identify, understand and manage emotions. But that's where I feel that many educators, coaches and mindset practitioners fall short. Emotions are essential to whole-brain use and to living an integrated and comprehensive human life. In order to do that, not only do we need to identify, develop and refine our emotional experience, but we need to learn to integrate it WITH our intellect, in order to come up with comprehensive, whole-brain solutions that make the most sustainable impact.


None of us are robots or emotionless Vulcans (for you 'Trekkies' out there). Emotions are not a negative human feature that we need to 'break', tame or 'wrestle with' to control. Emotions need to be skillfully developed and artfully infused into our intellectual doings and goals.  Yes, our baseline emotional response needs to be managed, or developed by way of moderation, differentiation and refinement. But developed or managed in a way that our brains don't just turn out technical and financially-profitable solutions, but instead operate more as a whole, producing more comprehensive and socially-impactful solutions - solutions that not only technically advance our species, but are humane and  promote social harmony along the way. This is whole-brain integrated living. And it can be a very powerful experience.


In order to make this essential information more accessible to the general public, I worked for several years to simplify the research and make it more relatable. I don't use high-dollar media and my videos aren't fancy or professional. They're simple, practical and relatable. Like I aim to be. And they represent in part,  a shift in a thinking -pattern that the Human Infusion Project wants to encourage - that valuable learning in the field of personal development doesn't need to come only from academic or licensed professionals. We can learn from each other, as well. And it doesn't have to cost you a fortune. So I leave the high-tech stuff to pros. The Human Infusion Project is a grass-roots mission.


So in my presentations, I use stories from my own experience to illustrate how the brain and emotional nervous system is conditioned in childhood and can get stuck in a patterns that stop serving us as adults. My intention is to share what I’ve learned from countless researchers, educators and clinicians across many fields of expertise, in a way that unifies and consolidates their knowledge in practical and functional ways. 


And, as a result of the guidance, education and wisdom of many of these brilliant people, I aim to share a series of practical tools and functional methods that I've found to simply and effectively strengthen your whole brain, recenter your emotional nervous system and then use both as a tool to express and amplify your core values. To me, this is the true definition of Emotional Intelligence.

And finally, in these short-courses and presentations, I also share what I’m still learning and using in my own life and marriage right now. I share how we navigate change and new experiences as a couple, how I'm successfully interrupting old patterns and how I'm creating a life that more accurately reflects who I am at my core.

So that's my story. If you are someone who likes to see a resume of achievements and 'doings', go hereOtherwise, please take full advantage of any information on this site or in the online classes that will guide you in learning to regulate your emotional response system, strengthen and integrate your whole brain, improve your relationships and access a new source of drive.


We need more people like you out there! So let's begin by getting your brain and body operating in a state where they can amplify who you really are.

 I'm in your corner,

About the Human-Infusion Project 

Science is a fantastic tool for investigating and understanding our outer, physical world. Our intellects love facts and evidence. And science can help make our outer world appear more orderly and make human interaction a bit more predictable.

​Psychology is a great tool for investigating and improving our inner or non-physical cognitive world. But our emotions are tied more closely to our bodies than most of know. Through combining modern science with applied psychology practices, we can more fully develop ourselves, retrain our mind and refine our emotional nervous system and learn to enjoy life, create emotional safety, connect to other humans and thrive in communities.


​Spiritual Philosophy is practiced in many forms. But each one aims to connect our physical form to our natural essence or our energetic core. And in turn, it connects us to the natural essence of others, as well as to that larger universal 'web 'that all living creatures are a part of.

But for many of us, it can seem like we're stuck in either our outer world or our inner world, or we feel trapped in emotion or trapped in our intellect. Or if we seek spiritual influence, we struggle to consistently connect to our core essence or to even connect to what we see as our Higher Power.  At best, depending on the situation, we're forced to choose one over the other in order to meet our goals - thinking or feeling, intellect or emotion, caring or leading, objectivity or compassion, science or spiritual philosophy.


But what if we could combine them? 

What if we could learn to access creativity while thinking strategically? 

Or tap into our sense of compassion while innovating technically? What if we learned to access our more spiritual nature while creating marvelous, species-enhancing human tools? I believe we can do both, simply because... we are both.

I believe that Human-Infused Intelligence - our core, life embracing, essential selves operating within an emotionally refined and moderated body and using our Whole Brain - could be the next step in our evolution.​ And those who are cultivating this skill will be our future leaders.


But for many of us, our nervous system is quite 'upside down'.  Instead of acting as an occasional physiological alert protecting us from real life threats, our 'survival' system has been conditioned to run constantly in the background. Our species fight-or-flight system was designed to operate intermittently, when we were charged by a sharp-toothed creature or a less evolved human came at us with a spear. For most of us, our everyday world isn't like that anymore. And neither are most humans. But because so many of us didn't have our emotional states differentiated and moderated while growing up, this raw, unrefined mind-body state is now a dysfunctional, raw and often non-relevant default system that directs our adult lives.


Running in a state of near-constant emotional 'readiness' and represented by low-grade anxiety and chronic restlessness, this dysfunctional state has become so familiar, that it feels 'normal'. Fortunately, we are quickly peeling back layers of understanding about how our brains and bodies really operate, realizing that we can make changes to these systems. And science, is finally giving definition to what psychologists and spiritual philosophers have been talking about for centuries.

So this is where I believe we need to begin.

We can't optimally infuse and utilize the tools of our brains and bodies until we first get them strengthened and developed into a healthier, centered and more integrated state. 

The ultimate intention of The Human Infusion Project  is to get you smarter about your brain and body - for a purpose. My hope is that as you learn to access your whole brain, recenter your emotional response system and revive your core nature, we as a unified collective, can create and be part of more globally-aware, essence-infused relationships in our homes, in our work and in our community.


So here's how I believe we can do it - 

1. Increase your practical understanding about how the brain processes thoughts and beliefs, how the body processes stress and trauma and how our emotional nervous systems develop. This will increase your objectivity about your brain and body's operation, making it easier to challenge and manage your thinking and interrupt and replace unhelpful patterns. Solidify this learning by  learning skills you'll need along the way: body awareness and mental flexibility. Start learning now. 

2. Identify specific thought and belief patterns that have been unconsciously influencing any choices and behaviors that are not serving your current life and happiness goals. Rediscover your core values and set yourself up for success. I'll guide you through the steps. 

3. Implement consistent strategies to create new thought and belief patterns that support your goals, that align with your core values, and that strengthen and reshape your brain in healthy ways - effectively 'recalibrating' and refining your stress response system. Begin to direct your core values. Accelerate the refinement process by simultaneously working with your brain and body from multiple angles. I'll show you which strategies I’ve narrowed down and found to be most effective. 


4. Galvanize your daily self-development practice and amplify your revived sense of self through professional support and weekly small group mentoring (coming soon), continued learning and practice. Cultivate your new source of drive and learn to infuse your essential self into your daily habits, work and relationships through (future) Level II Mastermind courses.

  • Scientists call this process the Mind-Body-Environment connection. 

  • Psychologists call it Whole Brain Integration or developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 

  • Spiritual Philosophers call it 'waking up'.


I simply call it infusing who we really are into what we do, so we can live our fullest lives and contribute something meaningful while doing it. 

See our mission below.


Please be aware, that this is not a news site or a substitute for licensed therapy. This is a personal experience and perspective-based project that covers topics including evidence-based neuroscience, physical and emotional health, stress management, spiritual philosophy, and relationships. Readers should know that everything contained on this site is an opinion formed by a well-informed writer and healthcare professional whose interpretation is on based individual education and experience, and is intended to be a supplement, but not a substitute for licensed professional therapy.

The Network - what is this?


Through my own personal experience, research and study, I have come across many influential change-makers and leaders, who are either working within the fusion of science, psychology and spirituality philosophy, or capture part of the core message of the Human Infusion Project - that you are a beautiful blend of human and essence.  My desire is to connect you to them so that you may benefit from their guidance as I have, and to one day create a unified network that can influence global transformation through more integrated, whole-brain relationship.

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About HIP
Our Mission
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Our Vision 

-  to foster a more unifying and cooperative social atmosphere through the facilitation of healthier relationships. We believe that by supporting more individuals in developing emotional and mental well-being, that we can make more sustainable impact as a collective, while enjoying this cherished human life as we do.

The Strategy

- Provide simplified education in areas of applied psychology, modern neuroscience and practical spirituality to teach a functional understanding of the human brain, emotional response development and the physiology behind pattern formation and interruption.

- Empower people with practical strategy and skills that cultivate resilience, thriving and compassion within themselves and all of their relationships.

- and give affordable access to high-value, life-enhancing educational presentations and classes that augment the viewers work with skilled, professional, therapeutic support.  That way people in lower to middle level income levels have greater opportunity to make unifying impact in their families, communities and work places.

Personal Ethos

to use my life experience, education and insights to support unifying social change by enriching relationships with simplified, practical and affordable education and mentorship. And to do so with excellence, authenticity and compassion.

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