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Whole-Brain Relationships

Leveraging brain and body science to create calm, confidence and connection that LASTS.

Whole-Brain Relationships is the only on-demand course of its kind that combines and simplifies the most usable aspects of modern neuroscience, psychology and practical spirituality - and shows you what's needed to strengthen your brain as a whole and increase your emotional stability at baseline. That way you can start enjoying the life and relationships you really want. 


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Personal or professional success really depends on the quality of our Relationships.

And since relationships involve individuals, your success really depends on getting you, your body and your brain coming together in a way that....

  • achieves mutual goals

  • expresses who you are at core, all while

  • sensing and considering what the other person needs

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Jen Stover -Neuroscience-based educator, neurophysical rehab specialist, personal growth strategist, pattern change practitioner and founder of the Human Infusion Project

This is whole-brain relating 

- and it begins by learning how your brain and body actually work


I designed this class for intelligent, educated people with no shortage of heart who are tired of repeating unwanted relational or behavioral habits, and ready to create a life that supports both meaningful work and connected relationships.​​


And it's quickly becoming a great resource for new coaches or helping field practitioners who are looking for a simplified, foundational understanding of how the brain and nervous system work to facilitate change work and trauma healing.  

Whether you are  ...


a new coach or therapist who's looking for a condensed, simplified resource to affordably expand their knowledge base

someone who finds themself repeating the same patterns in relationships and feels a bit stuck.

a highly skilled professional who loves what you do for a living but are close to burning out.

educated and intelligent but feel a bit lost when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

or even an over-achiever but struggle with high-functioning anxiety and exhaustion


You're in the right place !




What most people get wrong about Emotional Intelligence work, what self-regulation actually means and which areas of the brain need strengthening to improve it


Stress response

What healthy stress response and trauma response look like in the body, how both can impact who we choose as partners, and how we can facilitate change




How unwanted thought and behavior patterns are created and perpetuated by the brain, where we can interrupt them, and how to introduce new patterns that improve your relationships 

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The change


What it takes to fully access your whole brain and become more centered, confident and connected in all of your relationships. That way who you really are at heart, more effectively comes through your words and actions.



Understand how attachment style impacts your emotional nervous system, how that in turn impacts your adult relationships and what you can do to start improving those relationships now.


Know why the brain develops patterns, how they can sometimes work against our goals, but how we can use this same feature to our advantage.


know 6 key brain areas we can influence in order to make lasting change to our emotional response, as well as specific practices to strengthen them. 


Understand the 3 key features of Emotional Intelligence from a brain pathway and neurophysiology perspective, so can start working smarter, not harder at refining your emotional experience.


know what it takes to retrain your emotional nervous system and strengthen weak areas of your brain. That way you can experience more calm, confident and connected relationships in any setting.

PLUS... you'll be part of our community and have lifetime access to all subsequent free content in our on-demand Human Infusion Project (HIP) library.

Class highlights include the inter-related work of these world renowned researchers, clinicians, spiritual leaders and educators...

  • Bessel van der Kolk,MD - trauma researcher, author

  • Peter Levine,PhD - trauma neurobiologist, author, somatic experience practitioner

  • Dan Siegel,MD - Psychotherapist, author, founder of Mindsight Institute

  • Nicole Gravagna,PhD - neuroscientist, behavioral prediction

  • Alan Schore,PhD - neuropsychology researcher, interpersonal neurobiologist

  • John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth - psychologist, Attachment Psychology pioneers

  • Thich Nhat Hahn - Zen master, spiritual leader, author

  • Gabor Mate,MD - trauma and addiction specialist

  • Lisa Feldman Barrett,PhD - neuroscientist, psychologist, author

  • Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis - Cognitive behavioral therapy pioneers

  • Thomas Hubl - spiritual leader, founder of the Academy of Inner Science

  • Sue Johnson - couples psychologist, researcher, Attachment psychology expert

  • Stephen Porges,PhD - traumatic stress researcher, Polyvagal theory author

  • Eckhart Tolle - contemporary spiritual leader, author

  • Andy Puddicombe - meditation and mindfulness expert

  • and many more....

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Thank you for   
your   contribution !

Your participation in this class is helping others in your community gain Mental Wellness too


Module 01 - How we work

  • The design of our stress response system

  • The difference between emotions and feelings and why we need them.

  • What emotional self-regulation really means from a physiological standpoint.

  • How our stress response system develops as children

  • Cortical hemisphere roles

  • The 3 conceptual operating systems of the brain and how they interact

Module 02 - How we get stuck

  • Conscious, subconscious and unconscious brain operation

  • Our energy-efficient brain

  • Brain waves speeds and how they influence our brain

  • How the brain defines 'conflict', what is cognitive dissonance?

  • How feedback loops and patterns are created

  • How areas of our brain become weak, without you knowing it

  • Pleasure and pain - what defines what's 'pleasurable' to our brains?

  • Addiction - definition and how it gets created

  • Why we tend to be negative, and can it be influenced?

  • Trauma response and polyvagal theory

Module 03 - Six key players

  • The Workroom

  • The Conflict Manager

  • The Filter

  • The Coordinator / Label-Maker

  • The Packing & Shipping Center

  • The Expressway to Calm

Module 04 - How we move forward

  • How these areas work together as a system

  • Examples and comparison of a healthy stress response cycle

  • Examples of how limiting beliefs and unwanted patterns are created

  • Examples of how initially helpful patterns, can become unhelpful as adults

  • What happens when trauma and/or neglect are factors

  • How we can start to make the sustainable, integrative changes we want and strengthen out brain as a whole


man watching class on laptop
  • Over 10,000 hours of cumulative research, practice and education simplified into 24 short videos relayed in easy-to-understand language.

  • Powerful visuals and relevant examples that make the class easier to follow and easier to learn

  • Practical, science-supported tips that you can start putting to use right away.​​


But what's even more important... you'll have a vision of how to get the life and relationships you want, understand that you actually have what it takes to make it happen, and get the satisfaction of knowing you'll be part of something bigger through your contribution to others in your community who are also in need.

all for only -

$27 !


( compare to other online courses that charge from $299- $599 USD for the same material ! )

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** 100% of all HIP course profits goes directly to the HIP Wellness Assistance Grant. 

However, no one denied access to this class due to financial hardship. Please contact us if this applies.




At the end of this introductory course, you will be provided access to a 81 page downloadable ebook that reviews the main highlights of the class, as well a list of many research references and books for further education. That way you can review what you learned in class and go deeper into the study of certain topics, if you so desire. 

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with any of our classes or don't learn anything useful from it's content, I will readily refund your money


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