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Our Philosophy & Plan

I've gotten incredible benefit  from the transformation that my brain, my body and my marriage  is going through. And I've learned  so much that I'm compelled to share it. The initial effort and modification to my daily routine and life has proven to be so worthwhile . And it continues to dramatically change how I experience life. So for that reason alone, it's more important to me to get some basic information out there than to financially profit from it. Technically, I already have profited, if I measure it personal benefit.

I'm also grateful to say that I really have everything I need.

My husband and I have experienced bankruptcy, recovered from it, saved for several years and now choose a simpler lifestyle that is easy to adjust in order to make our assets last. If someday I make money from public speaking or the books I'm writing, great. But the fundamental brain and body education on this website is free to my readers, and 100% of the profit from my online courses is going towards the Human Infusion Projects Wellness Assistance Grant.  I believe it is essential information that I hope one day will be taught in grade school. 


The brain strengthening , emotional nervous system regulation and essence connection strategies that I use are giving me such a sense of inner peace, that I want to share them with as many people as I can, without cost being a barrier. Why? Because I feel  everyone deserves the opportunity to change their life, and that education on mental well-being should be available to anyone


However, I do realize that in order to reach and impact more people, I need some resources to do that.  My ultimate goal is for the Human Infusion Project to become a philanthropic endeavor or a type of social enterprise.  At this early juncture, although my husband's vast experience is creating and managing companies will be profoundly useful, we are  still learning how this will unfold.  But my vision is this: from day one, 100% of the profit that comes from any on-demand course fees will begin to fill a subsidy / scholarship grant. This grant will be used to partially reimburse those with low-moderate income, who have made the initial cost investment to improve their mental health, but need the continued support of a therapist, a coach or longer-term addiction or trauma recovery rehab. So the money that you put towards your own education, will in turn help others who also struggle financially, and have demonstrated their willingness to invest in themselves and do the work. Even if that includes yourself. As the Human Infusion Project grows, 10% of all speaking, presentation and/or book sale fees will continue to source this grant.

I also plan to establish a mentoring group for those who have completed or are working through the Whole-Brain Strengthening and Emotional Nervous System Regulation strategies and would like tips or guidance on getting through some of the tougher challenges you may encounter in the process. If you feel the information on this website or in the Whole-Brain Relationships course has been of value to you, I hope you will consider joining us. 


You can  go through the process primarily on your own. But I also highly encourage you to get professional therapeutic support, at whatever price point fits your budget.  Having someone in your corner, even if its just a few times a month can really make a difference. I was fortunate to find some really helpful practitioners. But there were also many times that I wished there was an affordable, comprehensive, written out strategy available, or additional online guidance that included a combination of the practical aspects of brain science, psychology and spirituality. And I had so many questions along the way, that I often wished I had a non-professional mentor, a regular person who had been through all that I was going through, to show me how to integrate all of it in less time. The (future) mentoring group may have a low-cost access fee and will include live forums for discussion, Q&A and connection to others going through the same self-regulation and core Infusion process. So stay tuned if that interests you. 


In addition, I'm developing additional courses and presentations that will put your newly infusing mind-body to practical work in everyday scenarios. They will be on topics related to Relationship Repair & Regaining Trust, Effective Communication, How to Support a Recovering Addict in your life  and How to Transition into a New Career with Confidence as some examples.


And finally, as mentioned I have a few books in the works and I'm working towards one day sharing this message and education through public speaking or public webinars. But I'm taking it all one day at a time.

So stay tuned. But please take full advantage of the free educational material on this website, on Youtube, the low-cost Whole-Brain Relationships course, the connection to other guides or practitioners from the Network, as well as the free strategies and other downloads that I'll make available on this site. I hope this transparency was helpful and encourages you to join our tribe. 


We need you out there.






"I'm making personal growth less complicated and more affordable, so more of us have the opportunity to feel calm, confident and connected." - The Human Infusion Project


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