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The Wellness Assistance Grant

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Who created the grant? This grant is a product of 100% of the profit from the online course and recorded presentation sales, as well as donation from patrons who support the mission of the HIP. So in essence, YOU are creating this grant!

Who is it for? This grant is intended to supplement and extend the recovery work of those who have initiated their own personal development, are showing verfied progress, but have limited financial resources 

When will this grant be allocated? My plan is to begin taking applications for this grant in $500-$750 increments in the last quarter of 2022, or as soon as our target goal is hit - whichever comes first.

What are the criteria for application? 

  • Financial need

  • Applicant has already initiated therapy, coaching or guidance and has attended at least 4 sessions. It's important that you take the initiative for your growth and development, at whatever price point you can afford.  This will be verified by..

  • Written verification from current coach | practitioner | therapist who can underscore patient's effort and progress and affirm the benefit of continuance.


  • Written application answers (short)

  • If selected, applicant must have bank account or payment venue that can support electronic transfer of funds.

  • If selected, applicant must be able to submit headshot photo for announcement in community newsletter and on social media business page

NOTE - grant money will be sent directly to applicant, not to the practitioner. The applicant will ultimately have the choice to continue with their current therapist, or choose another

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  • Meetup - The Human Infusion Project
  • YouTube - The Human Infusion Project
  • Facebook
  2023 GOAL 

$517 ( Jan total so far!!)


We're currently

taking applications!

If you find value in what we're doing at the HIP and would like to support us, you can either purchase our current course or become a patron by clicking the button below. 

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