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Core Values - What's most important to your life?

A FREE class that not only reminds you of what matters most to you in life, but will make relational choices and important life-decisions far less complicated and so much simpler!

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Presented by Jen Stover,

Neuroscience-based online educator,  former neurophysical  rehabilitation specialist, personal growth strategist, pattern change practitioner, founder - the Human Infusion Project

Everyone deserves the opportunity to create the life they want. But often complex academic language and the rising costs of personal development block many people from getting the basic wellness education they need to do it.


THE HUMAN INFUSION PROJECT is a value-driven educational resource that uses a functional blend of practical brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy to show you what it takes to break unwanted patterns, retrain your stress response system, strengthen your whole brain and reconnect to your core values. That way, you can create the integrated life that comprehensively reflects what it means to be YOU.

In this class we'll cover..

What exactly are Core Values?

The difference between Values and Standards

How Values, Standards & Boundaries work together

What does the term really mean and why is it so important to that we have them? How do we use them? What purpose do they serve?

What are 'standards'? Why do people stand behind them so firmly? Is there ever a time when expanding our standards is helpful in our life?

How can we use boundaries to protect what we value? Can we have more inclusive standards without sacrificing our boundaries?

Sounds like something I can use!

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