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Jen Stover - founder of the Human Infusion Project

Think Differently!

This page includes short videos, mini-classes and recorded presentations on personal and relational development topics I feel are worthy of some thought. Whether you agree, disagree or are undecided, your time and consideration is really what I value. 

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What is Top-Down /Bottom-Up Healing?
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All Categories
About us
Anxiety Relief
Burnout recovery
How Trauma affects Memory
Limiting Beliefs
Our values and mission
Personal Development
The HIP Process
Trauma Recovery
What does Emotional Development include?
What is Top-Down/Bottom-Up Healing?
When is it time to work on Emotional development?
Why change in hard
Why do I start with Science?
What is Top-Down /Bottom-Up Healing?
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How Trauma affects Memory - and what's needed to recover
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Getting to know the Human Infusion Project
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Why do I start with Science?
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