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The Meaning Behind 'Human Infusion Project': Why I Chose This Title

Updated: Mar 17

I was asked recently how I came up with “The Human Infusion Project” as a name or title for this platform. And I realized that I forgotten to describe that on my website or on any of my social media pages. So here it is.

A strange, new language

As part of my own personal development and as an exercise in right brain development (wonder, imagination, contemplation of the ‘unknown’), I’ve read, studied and learned from many ‘spiritual’ doctrines and teachers over the years - one of which is Eckhart Tolle.

In the earlier stages of my growth and development… the way Tolle saw the world was initially a bit of a ‘stretch’ for me to read and comprehend.

Which in a way…. was sort of why I liked it.

The language he used and the way he described life, joy, suffering and ‘change’ was so different than what I was used to….yet I felt compelled to explore it further, if only for the practice of considering new thought and taking perspective.

The Inspiration

As I progressed through stages of my change work… (Stage 3 work if you’re familiar with my process).. I started to formulate how I could share what I was learning, even as I was still in my own development.

And then I came across this quote in one of Tolle’s books.

"When Doing becomes infused with the timeless quality of Being, that is success."

Reading it was like a gong reverberating through my body.“That's it”, I thought. That was the sensation I was starting to experience that I couldn’t quite describe. It was only a fleeting sensation at first, but one that was starting to become more frequent.

And this sensation was different from the steady ‘calm’ that my nervous system was slowly adopting. And it was different from the ‘flow state’ I’d been able to tap into that over the years in order to get things done. It was… ‘something else’.

It felt sort of like a merger between my physical body and brain recalibrating…and the combined force of my core values, sense of ‘self’ and some other ‘low-burn' energy. And it was showing up in different ways.

I was more inspired and enthusiastic my work… but without urgency or fatigue.

And I was interacting with more patience and Presence in my marriage… without sacrificing my own needs or inner stability.

And when the sensation shows up, or I connect with it… pretty much anything I do takes on a different…. ‘feel’? … or ‘energy’? I’m not sure what to call it.

I still feel a bit awkward writing that description. It’s the best I can do at the moment. And it’s not like I experience it all the time. But when I do … it feels like my body (the Human part) is filled or INFUSED with the sensation. And I feel like complete and authentic ‘me’.

Obviously, I’m not a spiritual authority. And quite honestly, I lean more towards agnosticism. But somehow, some way… the description of my experience lands on this: the essence of my who I am at CORE, my Being…. feels like it’s slowing INFUSING into this human woman, and her Doings.

I’m becoming calmer, bolder and more patient with what I do.

I’m becoming a more caring, expansive Presence and…

I’m learning to use a deeper understanding of our humanity, as a tool for intelligent engagement and compassionate collaboration.

I'm still an occasionally 'messy' work in progress. Maybe always will be. But I’d love it if more people could experience some of that too.

THE HUMAN INFUSION PROJECT – A movement that ultimately aims to have more people experience the Infusion of their Being into their Doing... or to experience the combined effect of their essential, energetic and values-driven nature merged with this Human physical experience. That way, more of us can enjoy our life and relationships, while using our unique skills and talents to creatively contribute along the way. Sound good?

I’m in your corner,



If you're interested in learning more about how all of our classes fit together, go here.


The Human Infusion Project is a grassroots, philanthropic personal development platform that draws from the combined fields of modern brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy. Our mission aims to augment and supplement the work of professional practitioners in simplified, practical and affordable ways. 100% of all online class profit funds the Wellness Assistance Grant. If financial constraints limit your participation, please contact me and we'll work something out.

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