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Part I - Whole Brain Relationships - an Introduction

Updated: Jun 22

The Human Infusion Project - Part 1 - brain and body fundamentals

Science is primarily the study of our physical world. But it can also be the portal, a doorway to becoming a more 'whole', essence-infused human, thriving with purpose. But how?

Using technical language, we can combine human physiology with the scientific concepts of relativity, entanglement and biophotonic energy and understand that humans are both physical form and energetic non-form. In other words, we are flesh and bone, as well as all the subatomic energy that runs through and between that flesh and bone. And this energy overlaps with every living thing and person around us. Some call this body and 'spirit'. Or perhaps this energy is what physicists refer to as the Higgs Field. Other common names are Life Force, 'God' or Universal Energy. Regardless of title, if we consider our bodies and brains as unique conduits for, and individual expressions of , this energy, we can start to see the possibility of working backwards. By using evidence-based science and a more regulated mind-body as a pathway, we can learn to access and amplify this energy by improving the physical conditions for it to flow. Like the intentional cultivation and nourishment of ground soil in order to optimize plant growth, by returning our nervous system to its more natural state of operation, we can create the path for our core self, or energy to flourish. Looking back over the last five years of my life, this best describes what I've experienced.

I initially set out with a simple goal - getting my head and body 'right' again. It was another push for growth after three decades of layer-by-layer discovery work. But once I began improving the neurophysiological landscape of my brain and body, something else started to happen. I not only started managing stress more effectively but I somehow also created the conditions to more readily access what I call a core energy. I know it sounds strange. I'm not overly 'woo' and I lean heavily towards science. The best way I can describe the experience is to equate it to a radio channel with weak signal. My sense is that this internal energy was not being optimally accessed because my brain and body had become filled with a sort of stress-related 'static' and 'interference'. I had been operating for years under unconscious, conditioned responses that had blocked me from 'tuning in'. Both my stress response system and some of my thinking patterns had been operating in what I describe as a habitual and dysregulated 'default setting'. A setting I wasn't even aware of. I only recognized this in retrospect, as I began to experience my mind and body in a healthier, regulated and and more centered state. Similar to living in a dysfunctional family, I couldn't see the mind-body irregularities as clearly, because I was living within it. It was only when I started operating without it, that I saw what I'd been missing.

The reversal process started by first learning more about my human physical form. And that included my brain. As I studied, I began to understand how I could make changes to my mind-body system, perhaps minimizing that 'static' and decreasing the 'interference' within it. Similar to taking a look under the hood of a car and learning how the engine works, I figured out which 'parts' to 'swap out' or replace so I could get smoother operation. This alone increased my center of calm and improved my tolerance of stress. But as I trialed and incorporated different strategies and tools to strengthen my brain and recenter my emotional nervous system, I believe I somehow created the conditions or cleared the way to somehow access the core energy which runs within it. It's hard to fully describe. But it goes beyond 'flow'. I've experienced flow before, even within my 'old' nervous system state. What's happening now feels more to me like a power surge.

The Human Infusion Project - the thinking brain and the emotional brain

Keeping it simple

Everything you learn throughout this site and in the on-demand course is based on what I've learned over the last five to six years about brain and body science, as well as theoretical and applied psychology. The concepts that I'm presenting are very well-researched, much more comprehensive, and deserving of further study. However, I am choosing to relay this information in simplified terms for easier understanding and quicker application. By taking detailed and complex information and breaking it down into practical, bite-size segments, my hope is that you can more quickly apply concepts, start changing and shaping your brain and at minimum, manage stress much more effectively. If you are someone who enjoys audio-visual learning, and likes to connect a live person to name, a recording of this material (as well as much more), is available on-demand. Delivered in short 10-20 minute segments, this 6 hour online course adds relevant personal story examples, give practical tips that you can start using right away, and uses powerful visuals to deepen your understanding.

If this is your first introduction to brain and body science, sit back and take each section of the course slowly. New information, especially if it opposes a belief you already are comfortable with, can be challenging for your brain to accept (you will learn more about cognitive bias later) But if you are receptive, you may find yourself thinking in a entirely new way. And if you don't, that's okay too. No matter how you learn in life, get to know your brain and body. I feel that everyone deserves to understand how their own flesh and blood 'machine' works. This way, you can choose how you want it to operate in order to best support your life.

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The Human Infusion Project is a grassroots, not-for-profit personal development platform that draws from the combined fields of modern brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy. Our mission aims to augment and supplement the work of professional practitioners in simplified, practical ways, and to give clients an affordable home program they can use in between sessions. 100% of all online class profit funds the Wellness Assistance Grant. If financial constraints limit your participation, please contact me and we'll work something out.

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