You can learn to create more
calm, confident & connected relationships 
without going into debt
Simplified, practical and affordable personal development strategies,
so more of us get a shot at the life and relationships we really want.

All individual classes are free or less than  $27 USD

Emotional intelligence | Whole-brain development  | Relationship enhancement | Sustainable anxiety management | Integrative pattern change 

Are high prices and complex language blocking you

from improving your life experience ?

It pains me to see or hear of so many people who are not getting essential, comprehensive education on what it takes to:

  • Break unwanted relational or behavioral habits

  • Regulate their emotional nervous system and make sustainable, lasting life change

  • Strengthen and optimize the use of their whole brain

  • Begin the work of addiction or trauma recovery ​​

  • Face and neutralize thought patterns that are working against their goals, and

  • Create a life that supports both meaningful work and connected relationships.

Meet Jen and learn more about the mission of the Human Infusion Project

​Why is that?


Because we lack affordable, relatable and comprehensive education that any resource level can access.

Who the Human Infusion Project is for:

  • Those who want to get to the root of their chronic anxiety or stress, but whose financial resources don't allow for the weekly benefits of therapy, or coaching.

  • Anyone frustrated by the rising cost of intensive 'life change' courses and weekend workshops.

  • People who are genuinely interested in personal development, yet overwhelmed by the overly academic and complex language of modern brain science and behavioral psychology.

  • New life coaches or practitioners interested in getting a practical understanding of the science behind cognitive behavioral psychology, attachment neurobiology and specific spiritual philosophy practices, so they can guide clients to get more sustainable, transferrable results.

  • Seasoned clinicians wanting to augment their own practice with a creative and simplified resource that clients can learn from in between sessions. Accelerated progress means you can serve more people.

The Human Infusion Project believes that

You shouldn't have to 'break the bank' or get a PhD just to improve your life experience.

Join the Human Infusion Project community and you’ll learn the simplified, practical, integrated aspects of pattern change, sustainable emotional nervous system regulation, whole-brain strengthening and relational growth – all without taking high-level academic courses, going into debt, or being stressed out about heavy financial investment.

Plus, you’ll be helping others do the same.

Read more about our Wellness Assistance Grant here.

All individual class are free or less than $27 USD !

Getting Started is easy.

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Take the Whole-Brain Relationships class.

This is the essential, foundational brain and body knowledge that other Human Infusion Project courses will reference. So you'll understand and get the most out of your change-work effort, by first taking this class. Believe me, it is well worth your time and you'll spend no more than you would on a coffee-card reload or a few personal development books.

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Learn key skills and take action.

Lasting change in thought and behavior involves four fundamental strategies:

  • Strengthening and then integrating the use of your whole brain,

  • Re-training your emotional response system,

  • Re-connecting to your core values and then,

  • Infusing them into your relationships, both at work and at in your personal life.


Once you take the Whole-Brain Relationships course, I'll guide you through each step.

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Share it.

Ultimately, the Human Infusion Project wants you to restore your mind and body closer to its optimal operating state, strengthen the use of your whole brain and increase your mental flexibility for a reason. Once you do, you'll be able to:

  • Infuse who you are at core into everything you do, 

  • Make more impact with your unique skills, and

  • Feel more calm, confident and connected in your own life and relationships while doing it.


The Bottom Line - an integrated and whole brain-body translates to integrated and whole human relationships -  in every setting.

Getting your brain to work for you doesn’t have to be complicated.

You simply need a framework that describes the integrative brain strengthening and self-regulation process.  


That way you can see where you’re heading, what to expect and how each stage builds a foundation for the next one. THAT’s how you make brain and life changes that stick.


The Human Infusion Project uses a 4-stage Integrative Change Framework for sustainable, brain-strengthening, personal development that combines the practical applications of:

  • Modern brain and body science,

  • Cognitive Behavioral and Attachment psychology and..

  • Strategic use of select spiritual philosophy and mindfulness practice

to help you: 

  • Reconnect to your internal resources,

  • Identify the unhelpful patterns that are holding you back and then..

  • Make sustainable, brain-strengthening changes that can recenter your emotional nervous system and transfer its benefits across many areas of your life.


That way, you can experience the calm, confident and connected life you're really looking for.

Why is understanding your brain and body so important?

First, because you live in it! And second, the best way to make lasting change to anything is by first understanding how it got to its current state. Once you learn how your brain and body work and what factors shaped its development, not only will you have more self-compassion and take struggle less personally, you'll be prepared to customize select tools that will:

  • Restore your mind and body back to a calmer operating range,

  • Strengthen and use your whole brain, and

  • Increase your mental flexibility.

Growth and change is a very individualized process. But once you understand how your own flesh and blood 'machine' works, you can then start training it to work for you instead.

Are you with me? 

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This may be a shift in your thinking...

...but modern brain science can actually accelerate your personal growth. And it doesn't have to be overwhelming or hard to understand. Brain and body science actually supports many spiritual practices and cognitive psychology approaches. And by implementing strategies from all three of these areas, you can create the comprehensive, 'whole' human life that you were designed to live. 

By making key changes to your brain and body, you can train yourself to intelligently and sustainably navigate stress. 


And by doing so, you'll create the conditions for you, the real you, to get back online and flourish.


Let me show you how.

Double multiply exposure portrait of a dreamy cute woman meditating outdoors with eyes clo

Maybe you've already done some

personal work ...


Perhaps you have a coach or are currently in therapy. Or you probably practice yoga, use a phone app for meditation or have even attended one of those expensive, weekend workshops or retreats. But then.. you came home. And that's where the real work, the daily work begins. But what exactly does that work entail? And why is it so hard to keep the momentum going?

It's not your fault. I know you're trying.

But it is possible that your brain is simply repeating an old pattern that was originally created to protect you. And now... it may be working against what you want as an adult.

Mine was. But it's not anymore.

Let me show you how to strengthen and use your whole brain, so you can optimize the work you're already doing, and create the life you want now.

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Meet Jen

I'm not a stranger to high-functioning anxiety, relationship breakdown, perfectionism or self-doubt. For many years they all leaked power out of my life, while unbeknown to me, critical brain pathways were weakening. But I still managed to be a top performer in my healthcare career and stay perpetually busy in my non-work life as well. many of you may be experiencing... areas of my life started breaking down, I got tired of repeating patterns and I found myself searching for answers.

Both my husband and I spent a lot of money on different therapists and different healing approaches and modalities. And although we learned something from each and every one of them, we gravitated towards those that were supported by science and the practices that produced the most notable, sustainable and transferable gains. But we also could only afford therapy a few times a month. The market for personal development is definitely booming. And if you're someone who does have the resources to spend on it, fantastic. I'm sure you'll find a lot of highly competent clinicians out there that can guide you through some of the more complex life challenges and the deeper impacts of trauma. BUT....

jen-new-luciakielportraits-1 (2).jpg

I wanted to create something for everyone else -

Simplified, low-cost, personal-development education, tools and strategies that will inspire more people to start the work of pattern change and personal development... or optimize and accelerate the work they've already begun. 

Through the Human Infusion Project, I hope to serve not only as a value-driven resource and guide, but as a bridge between applied psychology, practical neuroscience, spiritual philosophy and you

We need more people like you out there, if we want see real, sustainable social-environmental change.

But we need you emotionally re-centered, reconnected to yourself and comprehensively using your whole brain. I'm here to get you started.

The Human Infusion Project

You've got an amazing tool up there between your ears. But you may not be optimally using it! 

Be easy on yourself. We're not supposed to know all this stuff. Few of us were told how our brains and bodies really work in everyday life. And until modern science had the practical language to teach us, it all seemed so impossible, as if we were stuck with the anxiety and stress-laden bodies and personalities that we have. But now we know differently. You can change your brain. And you can retrain your emotional nervous system.


Let me break it down for you in practical, user-friendly language so you can start managing your stress, accessing your true nature and begin taking responsibility of your life right now.

The Human Infusion Project is your #1 resource for simplified, affordable personal development that combines the practical applications of neuroscience, psychology and spiritual philosophy to help you - 

  • Reconnect to your self,

  • Retrain your stress response system and

  • Strengthen the use of your whole brain.

That way everyone has a chance to create the life they really want

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There never seems to be enough time until....

Have you have ever been shut down hard in your tracks? Some blunt reality-check like illness, a relationship breakdown, the loss of a loved one, or something that suddenly forces you... to look hard at your life and wonder what you are going to do next?  Or if you have managed to side-step it, do you have a brooding sense that it may be coming?

Now is the time to learn a different approach to managing your stress response and reviving your true nature.

Don't wait until something breaks down.

The Human Infusion Project - the time is now!
The Human Infusion Project - tune into your essence by recalibrating your brain and body

You have untapped power

Like a radio channel that's hard to tune in, it can be difficult to see who you really are at core when there's a sort of "static" or "interference" getting in the way. An emotional nervous system that didn't learn to differentiate its response, can contribute to over use or under use of your stress response and the unskilled management of our emotions. Our mind, nervous system and thoughts can chronically and unnecessarily, run in a state of low-grade "fight or flight". In that state, it's no wonder that people are exhausted, struggle with motivation and have lost touch with their center - so much energy is being diverted to the management of that physical and mental "static".

But what happens when you change that? What happens when you retrain your emotional nervous system, increase the flexibility of your thinking and cultivate a state of increased calm (instead of a state of "fight or flight") as your operational home base? What happens when you decrease that mental and physical "static"?

I found that I was able to tap into a different source of drive and energy. And it was much more sustainable.

Sharing knowledge

A desire to learn and transform, is the most important prerequisite for learning how to do it.


But for many, access to individual help in this area can be blocked by costs that are prohibitively high. However, there is a lot of beneficial information available for free on the internet, as well as through podcasts and even high-quality documentaries. This site aims to share enough free information so that anyone from any resource level can begin to heal and change their lives. 

As needed, personal guidance by experienced, clinical professionals can take you to a deeper level of discovery. But you may be surprised how much you can do for yourself in between sessions, with daily dedication to learning and a commitment to change.

The Human Infusion Project - learn how to self-regulate and recalibrate your brain and body

"When Doing becomes infused with the timeless quality of Being, that is success" 

                                                            - Eckhart Tolle

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