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Thanks so much for deciding to take this course!

I wanted to include some free gifts and a couple of quick check-off items that will make this learning experience that much more enjoyable and to let you know how much I appreciate your time. The fact that you're willing to do the needed work to improve your relationships, means not only is your life about to change, but your workplace, your family and your community are one step closer to experiencing the unique contribution that only you can make.

Below are some easy items you can check off before you begin the course. 

And you can see the full Meetup weekly topic schedule here.


Watch this short video

It's only a few minutes long, you can see I'm a regular, living person just like you, and get an idea of what to expect in the course

watch video


Download this free gift - a class companion workbook

At the end of each video, you'll have a chance to review what we went over, in a quick and easy format. 

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Take a minute to think about what you really want in your relationships

Whether it's at work or in your private life, before you start the Whole-Brain work that will enhance your relationships, it helps to go over what's really important to you. Which qualities do you want to cultivate in yourself, as well as in others? Download this quick, free checklist


Don't forget to register and Block out time on your calendar

If your life is as busy as mine can be, you need to bring out that phone calendar right now! If you're taking the on-demand class, set aside 15-30 minutes each day to complete 1 or 2 videos. If you're joining live on Meetup, add the date and time (note timezone) and consider setting a reminder alarm. I'll also send an email reminder on the day of the Meetup.

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On the Phone
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