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Think Differently!

This page includes short recorded presentations on personal and relational development topics I feel are worth some thought. Whether you agree, disagree or are undecided, your consideration is really what I value. 

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Simply Stated #4 - How Trauma affects Memory
And what's needed to recover?


Simply Stated #2 - Abandonment - Part 1
What is it and how it relates to our emotional state
Simply Stated #3 - Abandonment - Part 2
 How it shows up in our adult love relationships
Simply Stated #1 - Attachment
And it's influence on our emotional state

What I didn't know about

Emotional Self-Regulation

video #1

When is it time to consider working on

Emotional Development?

video #2

What Does

Emotional Development work

look like or include?

video #3

"We can do better!"
How I believe the personal development industry can evolve.

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