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An online sales strategy that needs to STOP - Let me show you why.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

The online sales strategy that tries to encourage people to spend more money than they can really afford…. needs to STOP - especially in the field of personal development.

The video at the end of this post describes the strategy in brief, offers a different perspective on words like “Value”, “Investment” and “Price and describes the Human Infusion Project’s larger-scale VISION that I hope has a small influence on in this industry. This post adds some specifics for clarity.

The growing trend that I’m talking about is this: coaches and online businesses are being taught a belief that the amount of money they charge (or spend) is reflective of how they value themselves. That may sometimes be the case. But it's not always true.

And in turn, these businesses are using this same generalized, unfounded belief to try and subtly influence consumers who are not wealthy to purchase "High-Ticket" programs that are way beyond reasonable financial means for many people.

How do I know this? Because both my husband and I have attended more than one of these online business coaching courses or workshops and left with our jaws hanging open, as helpful marketing and mindset strategies were intermixed with generalized, unfounded ones such as this.



In these courses, as well as several times a month by new mindset coaches, I get approached with inference that I “don't value myself enough” or that I'm “afraid to charge more” for my recorded classes.

And these business and mindset coaches use this same ‘value-price’ association with potential clients. It just sounds more like “Don’t you think your mental wellness has value? Do you think you’re not worth spending money on yourself?” Then they challenge them on how they do allocate their resources. Yes. That strategy is actually being taught in some (not all) online business classes these days.

The more creative approaches include trying to 'sell' me the belief that “embracing and generating more wealth means you can serve more people”. Maybe. There may be some people who use this strategy to generate the initial cash needed to get their business going…then sincerely plan to downshift prices when they reach an operational scale. Well, I hope that really happens.

But if you’re not emotionally centered when you start a business, and have bought into this belief ….addiction to high profit is very easy to develop. And besides, there’s a big difference from being so broke you can’t pay your bills and need to make some initial fast cash and…..just being an impatient entrepreneur who’s in a big hurry to get rich from the personal development world.



It's one thing to use knowledge of 'consumer psyche' and how the 'buyer brain' works in markets like high-end travel, fashion or superfluous items like luxury watches or cars - industries that are NOT ESSENTIAL to our life, our mental health or our success as a species. But in mental wellness and personal development? Well… I'm just not having it. At baseline, it just doesn’t align with my values.

Now please HEAR ME ON THIS: I’m not against someone making a living (and even some extra just for fun) using their skills in this field. And if over time and effort someone generates financial wealth, well great for them!

But the ‘high-ticket’ sales strategy I’m describing is designed to use an association with money to infer an equal sense of personal value and get the business owner rich quick…. (simple math will tell you that high-dollar means less people needed to generate wealth for the business owner) …which of course bodes well for the business/mindset instructor whose course you probably paid a lot of money for - and now need to make back. A repeating cycle that puts profit before people.

And unfortunately, with less than 20% of online entrepreneurs making it these days and anxiety still on the rise, I have a sense that many people are out some major bucks.



I hesitated for a while to record my sentiments on this subject because of the pushback I may receive from some of my colleagues in this vertical. My ultimate aim in part, is to UNIFY and EXPAND the personal development industry in ways that MORE people benefit from it.

The aim of this video is really to present a new way of looking at how we charge for our services and to offer a more ‘orbital’ view of what we’re all really trying to do here.

I don’t have hard feelings towards those who choose the ‘high-ticket’ price route. They’re only doing what they’ve been taught to do. And many start-up entrepreneurs may be struggling to simply put food on the table.

And I'm okay with the fact that some may not see this subject the same way I do. That's part of the nature of being human. I just believe we can do a better job at serving more people in this industry. And I know that I’m not the only person who feels this way.

And since I have a public service platform (albeit small), I feel morally obligated to at least put the subject out there for consideration.

So, this video is both readily recognized as my OPINION… and also shares my VISION and the larger scale MISSION of the Human Infusion Project.

Whether you agree, disagree or remain undecided, I appreciate the time you take to view it. Your consideration is really what I value.



(video below)


The Human Infusion Project is a philanthropic, personal development platform that draws from the combined fields of modern brain science, applied psychology and spiritual philosophy. Our mission aims to augment and supplement the work of professional practitioners in simplified, practical and affordable ways. 100% of all online class proceeds funds the Wellness Assistance Grant.

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