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Open Letters to Stress-Girl

This what I affectionately name an area in my brain called the Amygdala (read more about what it does here). She's been with me all of my life and has the sole purpose of identifying and responding to threats so I may be protected from harm. She's just trying to keep me alive.

Although a well-intended protector and guardian from all things life-threatening, she's had a bit of a confusing workout over the years and let's just say, her threshold for tolerance had understandably become quite low, and made her at times, a bit reactive. She often responded to people, interactions and  experiences as if they were real life threats . When in fact, they were not

So as grateful as I am for her life-long service, I am re-training her. I am upgrading and refining her duties (aka raising my ACC threshold).

And quite honestly, I have to remind her frequently, that as an adult in 21st century, living where I do, that she actually has a pretty 'cush' job. But after 45+ years of being my Protector, it takes some deliberate, patient and intentional on-the-job training to differentiate between real life-threats, and unskilled behavior or simple a different view of life.

But she is learning. 

The letters below are a light-hearted way for me to share with you my contemplative insights and growing wisdom throughout the sometimes painful process of integrating my body, brain and essence.



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